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Time: 12:00pm Eastern Daylight Time US (UTC-4)


Or iPhone one-tap :

  • US: +14086380968,,8128353771#  or +16468769923,,8128353771#

Or Telephone:

  • US: +1 408 638 0968 or +1 646 876 9923 or +1 669 900 6833
  • Canada: +1 647 558 0588
  • Australia: +61 (0) 2 8015 2088
  • United Kingdom: +44 (0) 20 3695 0088

Meeting ID: 812 835 3771
International numbers available:


  • Chris Awre 
  • Danny Bernstein 
  • Robert Cartolano 
  • Aaron Choate
  • Sayeed Choudhury
  • Stefano Cossu
  • Tom Cramer
  • Jon Dunn
  • Karen Estlund
  • Maude Francis
  • Neil Jefferies
  • Mark Jordan
  • Susan Lafferty
  • Danny Lamb
  • Steve Marks
  • Rosalyn Metz 
  • Tom Murphy 
  • Este Pope 
  • Robin Ruggaber (star)
  • Doron Shalvi
  • Tim Shearer Julie Rudder
  • Dustin Slater
  • Roger Smith
  • Erin Tripp
  • Jennifer Vinopal
  • Ben Wallberg
  • Evviva Weinraub Carolyn Caizzi
  • Jared Whiklo
  • David Wilcox
  • Andrew Woods
  • Maurice York
  • Patrick Yott



ANNOUNCEMENT: IMLS grant awarded for "Designing a Migration Path: Assessing Barriers Upgrading to Fedora 4x"Erin

Budget mitigation plans

  • Balancing expense reductions with technical priorities
Nominations open for Fedora Steering GroupDavid

Introducing Michele Mennielli

  • Ideas for international membership and partnership strategy
Pairings for new LeadersStefano

Fedora Vision and Strategy

  • Update from sub-groups on the Strategy Template
    • Technology
    • Product Position
    • Communication, Outreach & Marketing
    • Governance
    • Community
  • Making an announcement to the community
APPROVED: Policy for long-term support and Supported JVM


Previous Action Items

  • All: Explore how to bring better cross-effort alignment between Fedora and other repository efforts.
  • Andrew Woods / David Wilcox: send budget information for slack
  • Robin Lindley Ruggaber take discussion back to Samvera SG to gain commitment for implementing Samvera over Fedora5.
  • Draft letter about Strategy and Vision (Stefano), along with executive summary (David will get in touch with Aaron Choate who offered to draft the summary), to send out to the Fedora community. 
  • Voting on the Policy for long-term support and Supported JVM will happen over email soon.
  • Raise the topic of how to get better data on who is installing/using what versions of Fedora with the Communication and Community strategy groups.


  1. Grant Funded - Press Release will be sent before 9/1
    1. IMLS Planning Grant - $50k to assess barriers to Fedora 4/5 migration
    2. June target date and hope to follow
    3. Many people in the community will serve on the advisory group
  2. Budget Mitigation Plans - Budget mitigation plans
    1. We aim to look for cost reductions so we can achieve the technical priorities without dipping into reserves
    2. David is willing to shift some of his time
    3. Danny can shift his leave days which should not impact the technical end of the project significantly - we will make our technical goals of release of Fedora 5 and the test toolkit
    4. Great effort to identify ways to reduce 
    5. Attendees approved and David will follow up with an email to all leaders
    6. Maurice York suggested that we take this as an opportunity to fundraise with the members in order to cover this $16k shortfall planned to take out of reserve
  3. Nominations Open for new steering group members
    1. Three seats open for 3 year terms
    2. Susan, Declan, and Stefano are rolling off steering
  4. Introduction Michele Menniell 
    1. working with David on outreach efforts
    2. Michele joined Duraspace one year ago
    3. working to support projects globally
    4. fedora is seen as working effectively toward global recognition, trust
    5. accessibility is a factor since many places cannot afford our lowest tier and if we could expand the levels, we might attract more globally
    6. two different types of consortia
      1. officially recognized and already at play within the nation
      2. consortia that don't exist where users have no community supporting needs and no voice and little funding to create a consortia on their own
      3. discussed ways to boost engagement, deepen trust, extend connections between members
      4. lower entry cost but also perhaps development effort which Michele encompassed in community participation
      5. we have some ways to allow for a combination of money and effort; there is also a list of ways people can contribute
  5. Pairings for new leaders- effort to map new partners with volunteer onboarding members; we are one short
  6. Fedora Vision & Strategy
    1. technology team has had 3 calls
    2. product position has not met due to out of town and conflicts
    3. community - some action
    4. governance no word
    5. community have not met but has also been away
  7. Policy for long-term support - Approval!

Action Items 

  • David Wilcox send email to leaders group to communicate the proposed and approved plan for cost reduction and reserve expense
  • Stefano Cossu will email leaders for one more volunteer on boarding member
  • Robin Lindley Ruggaber will schedule calls for product positioning

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