The Fedora project understands the importance of producing and maintaining secure, bug-free software. This policy defines the project's commitment in supporting previously released versions of the Fedora Repository software.

Long Term Support (LTS) releases are Fedora releases targeting installations that favor known stability over the latest features.

LTS releases will be determined by the Fedora Committer and Leadership groups, with an estimated frequency of every other year.
LTS releases will come with the following guarantees:

  • 3 year period of support
  • Ensure stability of the API
  • Ensure compatibility with a supported version of the JVM per: Policy - Supported JVM
  • Ensure backporting of critical bug fixes and security patches
  • Provide documentation and tooling for migration from one LTS to the next

Current LTS Version: Fedora 6.x

  • As per a decision made during the December 8th, 2022 Governance meeting, it was decided that Fedora 6 would be considered the Long Term Support version of the software.


As per Fedora Repository 3.8.1 Release Notes, Fedora 3.8.1 is the final release of the 3.x Branch and will no longer be maintained by the community. All users are encouraged to upgrade to the most current version of Fedora.

See Fedora 4 Semantic Versioning for description of versioning number scheme semantics.

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