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titleDSpace 7.6.1 is available now!

DSpace 7.6.1 was released on November 15, 2023.

DSpace 7.6 was released on June 26, 2023.

DSpace 7.5 was released on February 20, 2023.

DSpace 7.4 was released on October 10, 2022.

DSpace 7.3 was released on June 27, 2022

DSpace 7.2 was released on Feb 7, 2022.

DSpace 7.1 was released on Nov 1, 2021.

DSpace 7.0 was released on Aug 2, 2021.  The press release for 7.0 was translated into a number of languages: English, Deutsch, Español, Français, Italiano, Português

Ready to get started?  Download DSpace 7 or Try out DSpace 7 (via our sandbox site or Docker quick install).  See the Release Notes for more information.




DSpace 7.0 will be the largest release in the history of DSpace. It is the culmination of strategic planning by DSpace Governance in response to community feedback, use cases and needs (for additional details see Strategic Planning)

AchievementMore details
(tick) (2014-15) Governance creates a Strategic Plan for modernizing & refreshing DSpace for the future. A key goal of this plan is a "single, out of the box user interface" to replace the aging XMLUI and JSPUI. DSpace 2015-18 Strategic Plan

(tick) (2015-16) Community competition for different UI prototypes. Nine were reviewed / analyzed for inclusion as the single, future DSpace UI.

DSpace UI Prototype Challenge

(tick) (2016) Formal selection of Angular as new UI framework, replacing both the XMLUI and JSPUI. New Angular UI that is modern, responsive, and built using a Bootstrap theme for easy customization.

"Introducing the new DSpace User Interface" talk at OR2016

DSpace 7 UI Project Plain Language Summary

(tick) (2017) Adoption of a standards based REST API to maximize exposure of all DSpace features for integration purposes: A completely redesigned REST API that is self-documenting and human browsable.

"On the Road to DSpace 7 : Angular UI + REST" at OR2017

DSpace 7 UI Project Plain Language Summary

(tick) (2017-19) Redesigned submissions and workflows  featuring a one page submission process with a drag-and-drop interface & a searchable MyDSpace.Configuration changes in the submission process
(tick) (2017-19) Configurable entities, an optional new item type inspired by the DSpace-CRIS project that allows for complex linked relationships between items. For example, Items can now represent a Person (Entity) to provide a way to support "researcher profiles", and link that person to the works they authored.
(tick) (May 2019) Preview release, including Entity demonstrator and associated data setDSpace 7 Preview Release 
(tick) (2019-20) Docker installation and deployment proceduresTry out DSpace 7 ("Install via Docker" section)
(tick) (Jan 2020) Established a new Staged Beta Release Process for 7.0, spacing out major features over a series of smaller Beta releases & delaying some low priority features for later 7.x releases. Paid/funded development began.DSpace Release 7.0 Status

(tick) (March 2020) Beta 1 released

Beta 1 Release Notes
(tick) (April 2020) Beta 2 releasedBeta 2 Release Notes
(tick) (July 2020) Beta 3 releasedBeta 3 Release Notes
(tick) (Oct 2020) Beta 4 releasedBeta 4 Release Notes
(tick) (April 2021) Beta 5 releasedBeta 5 Release Notes
(tick) Testathon

April 19 - May 7, 2021

(tick) OR2021 Talks / WorkshopJune 7-10, 2021
(tick) Final bug & accessibility fixes prior to 7.0 releaseSee 7.0 work board
(tick) (Aug 2, 2021) 7.0 release

DSpace 7 Press Release

Release Notes

(tick) (Nov 1, 2021) 7.1 releaseRelease Notes
(tick) (Feb 7, 2022) 7.2 releaseRelease Notes
(tick) (June 27, 2022) 7.3 release

Release Notes

(tick) (October 10, 2022) 7.4 release

Release Notes

(tick) (February 20, 2023) 7.5 ReleaseRelease Notes
(tick) (June 26, 2023) 7.6 Release

Release Notes

(tick) (November 15, 2023) 7.6.1 Release

Release Notes

7.6.x Ongoing Maintenance: With the release of DSpace 7.6 in June 2023, the 7.x platform has moved into maintenance mode.

This means that all future 7.x releases will only include bug or security fixes and will adopt a "7.6.x" numbering scheme. 



See tasks on our Tier 4 Board

  1. (tick) (Available in 7.1) (NEW) Simple Archive Format (SAF) Import should support Entity/relationship creation (REST ticket #2883)
  2. (tick) (Available in 7.6) (Admin) Bulk access control management (previously called "Advanced Policy Manager" in 6.x) - The ability to modify policies on several items at once. (UI ticket #781, REST ticket #2848)
  3. (tick) (Available in 7.5) (General) Additional contextual help (e.g. hover-overs which provide hints/tips on using the user interface), similar to 6.x JSPUI (UI ticket #762). As of 7.5, the framework exists to allow for these contextual help "hints". However, most pages do not yet have hints added.
  4. (warning) (Needs discussion / feedback. Unclear prioritization) (Workflow) Ability to batch claim workflow tasks. In 7.0, you can only claim one task at a time. (UI ticket #771)
  5. (warning) (Delayed until 8.0 at the earliest) (Submission) Support for kicking off a Curation Task during Submission process, similar to 6.x (REST ticket #2868)
  6. (tick) (Available in 7.5) (Workflow) Migrate additional configurable workflow steps from 6.x, specifically "Select Single Reviewer Workflow", "Score Review Workflow", etc. (REST tickets #2874, #2875
  7. (warning) (Delayed until 8.0. Prioritized for that release in our RoadMap - to be donated) (NEW) OpenAIRE integration with the notification broker and the claim service (UI PR #1562, REST PR #8184)
  8. (NEW) SWORD should support Entity/relationship creation (REST ticket #2884)
  9. (tick) (Available in 7.6) (General) Item counts for Communities/Collections (Ticket #1787)


When will 8.0 planning begin?  Is there a Roadmap for 8.0?

See RoadMap and DSpace Release 8.0 Status, which has been updated in August 2023 with these details.

Presentations / Workshops