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  1. Kathryn Cassidy (Digital Repository of Ireland - Trinity College Dublin)
  2. Jon Dunn (Indiana University)
  3. Jyrki Ilva (University of Helsinki)
  4. Claire Knowles (University of Leeds, Vice Chair)
  5. Iryna Kuchma (EIFL. Co-Chair, OR2020/OR2021 Program Committee)*
  6. Lazarus Matizirofa (University of Pretoria. Co-Chair, OR2020/OR2021 Program Co-Chair)*
  7. Holly Mercer (University of Tennessee) - Rotating off 2020
  8. David Minor (University of California, San Diego)
  9. Tomasz Neugebauer (Concordia University)
  10. Torsten Reimer (British Library)
  11. Andrea Schweer (University of Waikato - on parental leave)
  12. Daisy Selematsela (University of South Africa. Co-Chair, OR 2020/OR2021 Program Co-Chair)*
  13. Mimi Seyffert-Wirth (Stellenbosch University. OR 2020/OR2021 Organizing Committee)*
  14. Sarah Shreeves (University of Arizona, Chair)
  15. Elin Stangeland (University of Oslo) - Rotating off 2020
  16. Leila Sterman (Montana State University. OR 2020/OR2021 Program Co-Chair)*
  17. Simeon Warner (Cornell University) - Rotating off 2020

* Temporary Members of Steering Committee