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15 minWelcome
  • Welcome
  • Welcome, Holger!
  • Thank you to note-taker


25 minFundraising

Targeted funding accessibility ask with the Development Fund

  • Total to date: $ 30,000 US
    • Texas Digital Libraries $ 5,000
    • UMass Chan Medical School $ 2,500
    • Lyrasis $ 5,000
    • MIT $ 7,500
    • Harvard $ 10,000
  • Audits received to date:
    • Cornell University
    • University of Edinburgh
  • Community communication went out asking for fiscal year end contributions, outlining the accessibility funding status, spending strategy, submitting tickets, audit requests
  • Accessibility issues can be reported as tickets to be addressed in future releases. If institutions perform accessibility scans, they are welcome to share those results with Tim. But, to ensure issues are resolved more rapidly, we recommend creating tickets.

Priority for the next FY's focus for the Development Fund?

  • What's next for DSpace? Could priorities for 9.0 be (partially) funded via Development Fund?
    • We will start discussions in the next Leadership meeting.
Kristi, Maureen
310 minFinancials

Quarterly Financial Report sent via email

410 minBudget

DSpace Proposed FY24-25 budget sent via email for discussion and Leadership approval

  • Proposed budget approved by Steering May 7th 
Maureen and Laurie
510 minDevelopment

DSpace 8.0

DSpace 7.6.2

620 minFollow-up

Open follow-up discussion on the state of repositories and the role of DSpace and DSpace governance

Notes from last meeting:  10 minute breakout sessions

Topics suggested by Leadership members:

  • Cyber security
  • Compliance - federal/funder mandates (e.g. open access)
  • Impact tracking - Reporting on repositories
  • Discoverability of repositories
  • Catch up with developments in the Scholarly ecosystem - diamond OA, COAR notify
  • Increased harvesting/indexing/bots affecting performance and statistics
    • Large Language Models (LLMs) training for AI purposes
    • Big performance issues at the infrastructure end. It is not a DSpace software issue
    • Good bots changing behaviours in terms crawl rates
    • Impact of AI Bots
    • Concerns around bots / harvesters not respecting content licensing, CORE was mentioned
  • Expanded uses of repositories, beyond traditional uses such as collection management
  • Increased costs of supporting the repository infrastructure
    • Equity of access
  • Taking advantage of AI technologies
    • AI and accessibility: improving our content in terms of accessibility
    • AI tools: automated metadata translation
  • Enhancing DSpace support for handling large content. Many DSpace repositories are increasingly taking research datasets.
Maureen, all
75 min
Set up Breakout Rooms

85 minGovernanceMaureen
925 minGovernance

Breakout listening sessions on pain points and sub-optimal processes in the operations of DSpace Governance facilitated by members of the DSpace Governance WG

Breakouts 15 minutes. Group debrief 10 minutes.

Breakout Rooms Question Prompts and Note Taking


Breakout One: Maureen

Breakout Two: Pascal

Breakout Three: Scott

Breakout Four: Kristi

Maureen, all
105 minCommunity

DCAT update

Maureen on behalf of Kimberly
115 minCommunity

Upcoming Events

Erik, Kristi, all
125 minLyrasis

Lyrasis Board Meeting update

Maureen, Laurie, Tim, Michele
135 minLeadership

Upcoming - future agenda topics

145 minOther businessAOBAll