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CNI pre-recorded ARK briefing submitted

Julien Raemy's toot: Yesterday's #IIIF Community Call about "the intersection of Archival Resource Keys (ARKs) and IIIF" was recorded and is already on the YouTube Channel: (Jan 25). (jak: Notes here.)

rf: the iiif meeting was v. interesting, esp. content state, subtleties around ark resolution, scalability questions that we could document, the SI could use to re-evaluate our approach (eg, sometimes there are thousands of images attached to an object); Richard Higgins has very interesting approach to manifests; I'll be at the 2023 meeting in Naples.

Any news items we should blog about? Any calls for papers, submission deadlines, upcoming meetings we should note? Please add to Calendar of events.

Outreach WG homepage renewal draft

mg: regarding NAAN form updates, CDL needs to prioritize geo-locations and autoupdating of the global map of ARK orgs

bc: it's been a while since looking at wikidata; it would be good to align the wikidata presentation of ARKs along the lines of DOIs

all: please resend link to the spec transition planning document
ACTION: this ^^^

where should the Code of Conduct be served on

how should it be announced? arks-forum?

jk:  link to Code of Conduct from the end of first paragraph of the Community page?
rf, dw, jj: ok to add it there
ACTION: this ^^^
rf, bc: agree to announce CoC on arks-form and french forum
ACTION: this ^^^

selecting a Mastodon server; some description of issues

rf: mastodon arks_org handle should be listed on; can we put save an archive of @arks_org tweets, what else can we do to prepopulate? can we move our followers list?
bc: To help you find one's Twitter followers on Mastodon:
rf: is cross posting possible?
ACTION: put archive of tweets on github

dw: having an ARKA presence on mastodon is useful as a recognized presence
jk: so for now, not planning a toot campaign, but having a presence to help "mentions"
rf, bc, dw: agreed

ACTION: put mastodon credentials into the keybase account
dw: in profile we can put a "verified link"
ACTION: add verified link – see

ARKA gmail access:  <you>
rf: from the AG, there was desire to broaden access to the keybase creds to Maria

help with structure for 3-hour ARK training at Code4Lib in March – draft outline

instructors: Donny Winston and John Kunze

Asking group for feedback on this training plan.

Action items

  •  John Kunze resend link to spec transition planning document
  •  John Kunze add Code of Conduct to, link from end of first paragraph
  •  John Kunze Bertrand Caron announce CoC to arks-forum and french forum
  •  John Kunze get verified mastodon account credentials in keybase