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110 minWelcome


  • Welcome to new Leaders
  • Thank you to note-taker


25 minConflict of Interest Policy

Conflict of Interest Forms

  • New Leaders will be asked to complete (around December 1st)
35 minGovernance

Steering and Vice Chair Elections

  • Call for nominations from Leadership for two Steering seats and Vice-Chair closes December 1, 2022
  • If needed, ballot sent to Leadership on December 2nd and due by December 7, 2022
  • Steering terms are three years
  • Vice-Chair term is one year and does not automatically become Chair.
45 minMembership benefits

Gold Member Governance Seat Ratio

  • Steering voted positively to move to a 1:2 ratio for Gold seats
    • Gold is one seat available for every two members (1:2) beginning with 2023-2024 membership year
510 minFinancials

1st quarter (July 2022-Sept2022) financial report

  • Budget is a plan; quarterly financial reports provide updates
  • Overall retained net assets $ 67,603
  • Does not reflect 7.4 contract labor invoices (approved up to $ 63,000)
  • Variances include
    • Negative: revenue from service provider fees and fundraising
    • Positive: revenue from membership dues; expenses: fringe benefits, travel, and IDC
  • Will need to accelerate fundraising efforts to continue to support funded development
65 minFundraising

Fundraising Update

    • Overall approx. $ 174,000 US pledged over 3 years; approx $ 50k US each year
  • Development Fund
    • Approx $ 75,000 US in donations and increased membership (most pledged last fiscal year; new pledge thanks to the National Library of Finland)
Laurie, Michele, Kristi
710 minDevelopment

Development Update

85 minDCATDSpace Community Advisory Team (DCAT) updateMaureen
910-15 minNovember Workshops

7.4 November workshops update

  • Over 3000 registrations and over 1400 DSpace members and users attended the live session
    • "Using DSpace 7.4" had 532 live attendees (over 1,000 registered)
    • "Upgrading to DSpace 7.4" had 447 live attendees (over 700 registered)
    • "Developing on DSpace 7.4" had 400430+ live attendees (over 700 registered)
  • Recordings available


  • How can we leverage the engagement and momentum?
Tim, all
1010-15 minCommunity Event

Planning for Spring 2023 Community Event

  • February or March event
  • Call for volunteers from Leadership to plan event
Kristi, Susanna, Pascal, Erik
115 minOpen Repositories

OR2023 June 12-15, 2023, Stellenbosch, South Africa

  • In-person conference
  • CFP due January 15, 2023
  • Plans for DSpace proposals?
125 minOther businessUpdates as time permitsAll