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    • Need general promotion, not just specific to DSpace 7.  Feeling that some momentum was lost over last few years...need to regain
    • Need more examples/documentation/videos from user perspective (not just technical staff)
    • National/User Groups are critically important. Need to talk with them about how to best market to their communities, as it may differ per user group/community.
    • Find a way to really know *who* is using DSpace and how many users there are.  Ways to encourage everyone to use the registry, so we have a more accurate count of users. Ways to make it easier to capture this information -- even on download or installation?
      • ID target populations: librarians, for example
      • Then determine how to approach a certain target group, e.g. via country specific mailing lists, user groups
      • Ask DSpace users what they are planning in terms of upgrading
      • Increase presence at international conferences
      • Target also non-Dspace users. Identify possible channels via user group leads.
      • See the marketing as part of a larger community building effort (get out the information, but also trigger feedback/engagement at the same time)
      • Global community as a value, maybe have regular open community calls
      • Stress the value of open source and community/ethos and sustainability
  • What can we offer as experts in the community to amplify why DSpace IS the repository software to adopt? Ideas here could be: Content for Digest, Case studies, etc?
    • Testimonials from those who already have DSpace (v6 or below) installed (and their use cases) & are excited to move to DSpace 7 (and why they are excited) (we have some testimonials)
    • Give information on what expertise is needed to install DSpace 7 inhouse (without service provider)
    • Give examples of how to take advantage of new features, such as entities (use cases)
    • Consider using DSpace outside academia - Office Document Management System, Court case files management system, Healthcare records management, etc.
  • How can we encourage DSpace 7.0 early adoption? Ideas here could be: case studies, highlighting features as reasons to adopt NOW
    • Need to discover who the early adopters are.  If we can survey the community in some way to find who’s interested & starting to play with it.
    • Promoting unknown/new exciting features in 7.0 -- for example, the new optional media player out-of-the-box in v7.  Need fresh eyes to find/look for those exciting features.
    • Highlighting the interest at OR2021 -- the number of attendees and the excitement around workshop, talks, etc.
    • Short Videos on personalization of DSpace 7 (show how easy it is), and/or other exciting features/configurations. 
    • Create comparison charts (eg. 5 vs. 6 vs. 7)
    • Do approach potential new DSpace users because they do not compare to missing features from V6.