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  1. Announcements
  2. Review membership changes since last meeting
  3. Review new VIVO registered sites since last meeting
    1. Welcome package for new registered users
  4. Review list of active VIVO sites
    1. Progress update on investigating potentially inactive sites
  5. Establishing regional users groups
    1. Updates on North American and European efforts
  6. Follow-up from VIVO New Member Welcome call
    1. Thoughts on motivations for becoming members
    2. What can we learn that will help drive membership? 
  7. VIVO in a box
    1. Organizing a VIVO-in-a-Box community call
    2. Other ways to raise funding
      1. Project based, one-time funding


  1. Member welcome meeting
    1. FIU mentioned potential for state-wide VIVO implementation
    2. VIVO in a box seemed to resonate
    3. What drove decision to become members?
      1. Giving back to the programs and community 
      2. Benefiting from open source software
  2. Press releases for new members
    1. Announce new memberships, include quotes from members
    2. David will start an initial draft
  3. How to share useful information
    1. Wiki has a ton of information on it, how can we make it easier for people to find?
    2. Need to have VIVO training workshops and introductory webinars
      1. Mic reports that a Spanish-language intro to VIVO webinar already has almost 200 registrations
  4. Elections
    1. When should the election cycle run?
      1. DSpace changed to November - October timeline
        1. Mic will share this documentation with Terrie

Action Items

  •  David Wilcox draft press releases for new members
  •  David Wilcox talk to Brian Lowe about VIVO trainings and improving the documentation