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  • Tal Ayalon
  • Kimberly Chapman
  • Scott Hanrath
  • Barbara Hirschmann

  • Agustina Martínez-GarcíaGarcía
  • Beate Rajski

Discussion items

10 minsResource review

Share highlights and takeaways from resources added since list time

40 minsEngaging stakeholdersMoving ahead with gathering input from service providers
10 minsNext stepsTo-do's


Resource review

Added resources:

Missing alternative product roadmaps

  • Fedora
  • Samvera

List is considered complete.

Engaging stakeholders

Goal: Positioning Paper: Where should DSpace go to stay relevant. Selected use cases from DSpace Positioning should be used for structuring.

Stakeholders to be engaged: 1. Certified DSpace Partners 2. National User Groups

Step 1: Engage certified DSpace partners:

  • Timeline: End of May
  • Separate online interview (1-1,5 h) with each partner and subgroups of the working group. Roadmap for the interview to be sent ahead.
  • Focus on:
    • Three things you find crucial
    • What does DSpace need to to be to stay/become a thriving open source ecosystem to service providers?
    • What is needed to position DSpace for the future for broad use areas (see DSpace Positioning)
    • Focus on clients: What kind rsp. which of your client concerns are not matched in current DSpace?
  • Possible additional input:
    • Additional feature catalog offered by service provider

Next Steps

  • Draft interview outline. Kimberly Chapman will start a document.
  • Decide on subgroups for interviews