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ITEM #1: Follow-up on Leadership Meeting

Leadership approved the proposed changes on November 11.

Question: Where do we store policy documents? How/where should we update language in the wiki/on the website?

Discussion: Document procedure for calling Emergency Meeting following report-out from Steering?

Discussion: Address concerns expressed about (1) disengagement from Leaders if meetings are held quarterly and (2) challenge of engaging new Leaders. Should these be addressed further? If so, how?

Inventory of DSpace governance documentation:


Work Plan reminder

    • November meeting: Review MOU and a proposed revision. If necessary, assign 1-2 group members to draft additional revisions.
    • December meeting: Discuss and approve revised MOU.
    • Present to Leadership in January.

Background of MOU development

  • First MOU developed by Leadership subcommittee and signed June 2019
  • Revised MOU signed August 2020 with minor changes regarding LYRASIS seat on governance and inclusion of indirect cost rate.
    • Summary of changes:

      • Changed DSpace Project to DSpace Program
      • Advanced notice of termination changed from 180 days to 90 days
      • Put overhead rate in agreement
      • Added language about voting seat for LYRASIS
      • Other minor changes

  • Currently MOU must be approved and signed yearly.


  • Could we develop an MOU with a longer term (3 years?)
  • What level of detail should the MOU include?
  • Inclusion of multiple IDC rates (primary and contract labor)
  • Processes for amendment and review of the MOU
  • Termination processes - big differences between current and "alternative" MOU.

Current DSpace-LYRASIS MOU (2020-21)

Alternative MOU draft for discussion purposes

ITEM #3: Next steps
  • MOU revisions (November/December)
  • Two meetings in Spring 2021 to tackle additional recommendations
    • Review and discuss governance orientation documents, make recommendations. Assign revisions to 1-2 group members.
    • Review and approve orientation documents.
    • Present to Leadership by June.
  • Other tasks:
    • Review eligibility and process for appointment of leaders from membership  



Ideas from Kirsty about making sure Leaders (esp new Leaders) are engaged:

  • Get new Leaders quickly engaged in working groups 
  • Session on working groups and what they are (in addition to introduction/orientation for new leaders)
  •  'buddy' system where a new leader is connected to a more experienced leader. The idea here is around relationship building and also introducing processes etc to the new member and providing them with a colleague they can ask questions etc of on a one-to-one basis. So, the commitment might be intro email, follow up email after introductory sessions and also a one-to-one session after the first few meetings to provide support, answer queries etc. So it's fairly light touch commitment a couple of hours plus email support if there are queries.