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  • Attendees: John Kunze Roxana Maurer, Mark Phillips, Karen Hansen, Tom Creighton, Curtis Mirci
  • Grant funded for IDs for physical specimens: archaeological, geo samples, etc.
  • Agenda:
  • N2T resolver enhancement:
    • CORS support
    • Prefix extension mechanism “-dev” added to 
    • NaaN registry updates reflected automatically in a graphical fashion
    • New website by National Library Luxembourg:
  • A method for encoding IDs:
  • Info? inflection data: what should be returned?
    • Figuring out exactly what should be in the core spec vs extension is not easy.
    • New a couple of pages to clarify the intent.
    • need use case approach.
  • adopt-a-thing
    • various assignments made
    • right now just trying to understand what metadata is of most value in a domain