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Comment: First attempt at notes for September 23, 2020 Leadership Meeting.


The new and returning Leaders and Lyrasis representatives introduced themselves.  Kristi observed that she was excited about the fresh perspectives represented on the group and encouraged the new Leaders to reach out to any of the members if they had any questions.

Selection of members to fill three (3) open position on the Steering Group

The Steering Group is a subset of the Leadership Group.  Mich has given us a week to bring nominations forward.  If you are interested in one of these three year commitments, please reach out to Mich or Laurie and if you have any questions about Steering Group logistics or want to know more, please reach out to Jyrki, the outgoing chair. 

Selection of chair for Leadership

Chairing the Leadership Group take a little more time commitment than Leadership, but there is a lot of support from Lyrasis and it is an opportunity to influence the direction of DSpace. Laurie and Mich have also given us a week to express interest in the Chair and if you have any questions, please reach out to Kristi, the outgoing Chair.  Our immediate priorities are filling the Steering Group and finding a Leadership Group Chair.

Filling community-at-large seats

The community-at-large seats extend opportunities to and ensure representation from community members that are not necessarily institutional members.  Mich will do a broad call out, but if you have suggestions you can nominate someone and see if they are interested.

Scheduling future meetings

Mich will send out a doodle poll to try to find a time for Leaders from around the world to attend our meetings and he will send a calendar invite when we have landed on a day and time.  If you have any questions, please reach out to Mich.

Action Plan for 2020-21

The Leaders voted to adopt the Action Plan for our priorities and our high level plan for the year.  We should consider this a living document, but it will guide us from a priority and task order perspective and we recognize we may need to adjust timelines.  Questions and concerns were raised in the discussions, including the recognition that there are quite a few groups representing an additional time commitment for the Leaders.  This is the case, but some of the groups are longer term.  The hope is that we can do more work out of the groups which can report progress to Leadership so we don't have as much decision making in our hour.  There was also a question about the difference between the "Community Engagement" and the "Re-engage Community Committers planning" groups. The former is looking to make our DSpace 6 committers become comfortable committing code after DSpace 7.0 and the latter is looking to convert the community to DSpace members (recognizing in-kind and financial contributions).

The immediate term priorities are:

  • Governance group (starting asap)
  • “Beyond DSpace” Visioning group (starting November)
  • Re-engage Community Committers planning group (starting November)
  • Community Engagement group (on-going)

Please send your interest in the groups to Kristi and Laurie.

DSpace 7 Development

Heather gave her last DSpace development update (sad face). Beta 4 is scheduled for early October and the test-a-thon will be on Beta 5.

Tim shared the High level DSpace schedule where you can see the individual tasks.  It was very good to hear that the community remains very engaged trying to use the Beta releases and constantly asking questions in Slack.