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In August 2008, Dorothea Salo started an informal process of questions-and-answers and online chats aimed partly at community-building and partly at elucidating development requirements from less-commonly-heard voices in the community. Notes and links from this process will appear on this page.


Week 1

This week's question (based on Q21 from the 2006 survey) is about DSpace's existing functionality. Please offer one to three existing DSpace features that you believe work well in your situation, then offer one to three existing features that you believe need improvement.

Week 2

"Statistics" are one of the commonest requests for a new DSpace feature. Without further specification, however, it's hard to know what data to present, since there are no standards or even clear best practices in this area. What statistics do the following groups of DSpace users need to see, and in what form are the statistics best presented to them?

  • Depositors
  • End-users (defined as "people examining items and downloading bitstreams from a DSpace instance;" we may have to refine this further in discussion)
  • DSpace repository managers (as distinct from systems administrators)

What else should developers keep in mind as they implement this feature?

Chat notes

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