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eSciDoc (FIZ Karlsruhe and the Max Planck Society) is an e-Research environment consisting of three parts: the eSciDoc Infrastructure (including Fedora), a set of services, and eSciDoc Solutions built on top of the eSciDoc Infrastructure and some of the services. Most interesting for scholars will probably the solutions ViRR (an authoring environment for digital editions of scanned materials) and Faces (a generic image solution with the aibility to create arbitrary albums out of image collections). Most of the services can be re-used independently of the eSciDoc Infrastructure and the eSciDoc Solutions.
Islandora (University of Prince Edward Island) - Islandora is the basis of a number of projects: the Virtual Research Environment (VRE) provides a diverse set of collaborative and repository tools for academics VRE; ResearchSpaces is a pending proposal to Digging Into Data to build a "Scholars Workbench tool for the Humanities. Islandora provides the glue that binds Drupal and Fedora into a highly flexible and easily customizable environment for digital collections and scholarly activities. Islandora is hosted at the Fedora Commons.