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Scholars Workbench Solution Community


In the undertaking of scholarship and research there are many tools that can be used to support the scholar, be they experimental systems to support scientific disciplines or resource systems to support arts and humanities access to materials. At the heart of all scholarship is information, and the need to manage it for specific uses. This information may previously exist, as much historical content does, or it may be generated as part of the scholarship: it may be used to inform research, and it is likely to be at the centre of the resulting outputs.

The Scholar's (or Scholars'? - discuss!) Workbench Solution Community is being established to undertake its own scholarship in this area. It will gather existing information on how scholars use and generate information, and how they manage it, capturing experience that can be shared. It will specifically examine how digital repositories can support the management of information in the support of all aspects of scholarship. Repositories could be the core systems used, or they could underpin the use of other systems through integration with research-specific tools. How can the tools used for scholarship and research be repository-aware, and vice versa?

This wiki page is a place to share findings from the Community, and identify gaps that need addressing. The vision of this Solution Community is to develop and disseminate an understanding of the place of repositories in facilitating scholarship: this will guide work towards implementation through collaborative efforts and identify both common and specific ways in which repositories can serve scholarship for the future.

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