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  • Salwa attended DuraSpace Board meeting and left reassured that DSpace and its internaional membership is an important topic to the Board. There will be a press release soon.
  • Jyrki: Leadership Group has now access to the meeting notes of the Steering Group, see:
  • Pascal: The program of the German DSpace Anwendertreffen has been released
  • Pascal: GDPR WG will have its first meeting on Friday
  • Tim: good summary of Dspace 7 development schedule in last months Steering Group meeting minutes:
  • Michele: working with users groups and Google Scholar for country specific webinars re. indexing in GS: Brazil, PeroPeru, Mexiko, Germany
  • Michele: New DuraSpace registered service provider from China
  • Pascal: DSpace and Docker webinar was recorded, webinar had 55 attendees