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  1. Logistics

    1. Flights? 
    2. Hotels - greenlight
      1. La Quinta Inn near airport:
  2. Defining the outputs of the fly-in
    1. Architectural diagrams
      1. Top-level and Detailed, component-level
      2. APIs and services, specified
    2. Features spreadsheet
      1. Questions to answer:
        1. What will the product will do/support?
        2. What additional business value-add can the re-architecture offer?
        3. What are core? and why?
        4. Which features are in/out/optional?
        5. What audiences are specific features for?
        6. What are the logical groupings for features into modules?
        7. Will we offer multiple product distributions, analogous to VIVO/Vitro?
          1. Perhaps an "enterprise VIVO" vs. a "small-shop VIVO" vs. Vitro
  3. Meeting schedule leading up to Jan 29th
    1. Jan 10th @noon ET
    2. Jan 24th @noon ET