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Preparing for the call

In preparation of the call, you could do the following:

  • List any performance problems you may have with DSpace. Make it clear which version you are using
  • List any specific performance improvements or hacks you have made
  • List any monitoring tools/diagnostics you have experience with

Meeting notes

Detecting a performance problem & resolving locally


How to contribute solutions back to the community

Codebase-fixes can be contributed just like any other code-fix. However, there seems to be a need to centralize more information regarding environment-specific optimizations:

  • Tomcat config
  • Postgres config
  • SOLR Config (mixed, because solr config does live within the codebase to some extent)
  • Apache HTTPD config (caching?)
  • Operating system config (Linux vs Windows)
  • ...

List of discussed

issues in JIRA:

JIRA items

  • ...
  • ...

Ideas for future calls


Call Attendees