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  1. Kathryn Cassidy* (Digital Repository of Ireland - Trinity College Dublin) (2019-2022)
    1. Serves on Code of Conduct Sub-Committee
  2. Jon Dunn* (Indiana University)
    1. Serves on Finance Sub-Committee
  3. Jyrki Ilva* (University of Helsinki)
    1. Serves on Repository Sub-Committee
  4. Claire Knowles* (University of Leeds) (2019+)
    1. Vice Chair
    2. Chairs Code of Conduct Sub-Committee
    3. Serves Chairs on Finance Sub-Committee
    4. Serves on Repository Sub-Committee
  5. Liz Krznarich (DataCite)
    1. Program co-chair 2021
  6. Iryna Kuchma (EIFL)
    1. Program co-chair 2021
  7. Jessica Lindholm* (Chalmers University of Technology) (2020-2023)
    1. Serves on the Code of Conduct Sub-Committee
  8. David Minor* (University of California San Diego)
    1. Chairs Repository Sub-Committee
  9. Tomasz Neugebauer* (Concordia University) (2019-2022)
    1. Program Committee 2020
  10. Torsten Reimer* (British Library) (2019-2022)
    1. Vice-Chair 
    2. Serves on Repository Sub-Committee
    3. Serves on Finance Sub-Committee
  11. Andrea Schweer* (University of Waikato)
  12. Sarah Shreeves* (University of Arizona)
    1. Chair
    2. Chairs Serves on Finance Sub-Committee
    3. Serves on Code of Conduct Sub-Committee
  13. Leila Sterman* (Montana State University) (2020-2023)
    1. Program co-chair 2021
  14. Washington Luís Ribeiro de Carvalho Segundo* (Instituto Brasileiro de Informação em Ciência e Tecnologia) (2020-2023)


Steering Committee Standing Members and Term Dates

MemberStart Date Proposed End DateNotes
Kathryn Cassidy20192022
Jon Dunn*2012?2021
Jyrki Ilva*2014?2021
Claire Knowles20192023Extended to 2023 from 2022, as Chair 2021-2023
Jessica Lindholm20202023
David Minor*20162022
Tomasz Neugebauer20192022
Torsten Reimer20192022
Andrea Schweer*20172023
Sarah Shreeves*2010?2022
Leila Sterman20202023
Washington Luís Ribeiro de Carvalho Segundo20202023

*Joined the Steering Committee pre the introduction of 3-year terms.