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Attending: Vinopal, Metz, Prater, Anez, Field

Zoom Link: See invitation


  • Review of action items.
    • These action items were all pre-pandemic. Remove?
  • Changes to Steering Group Elections
  • Changes to Leadership Elections


Member forum second week in June:  Membership story

Forum is not for leaders or steering
Give overview of Fedora Governance (outline difference between steering and leadership)
Talk about Lyrasis  (Lori, Robert)

  • Current priorities:  Fedora 6, migrating from Fedora 3 to Fedora 6, building community
    Membership:  community engagement and outreach – how to get involved
    Fedora 6
    Life during COVID:  how are people doing?  How is COVID affecting budgets, signing up for membership
  • Many budgets in flux, many will not know what will be possible
  • as of 5/29:  seven people signed up (out of 47 people)
    Rosy will send a follow-up email, reminding people;  Lyrasis will send out links to Zoom session to Fedora list subscribers

Discussion topics for second quarterly meeting (already done)

Current priority:  maintain current membership, shift focus away from gaining new members

  • Membership bridging resolution passed
  • Membership invoices went out in April:  reviewed list of membership status spreadsheet
  • Future effort to check in with people whose renewal status is still unknown

Steering elections coming soon:  is now a good time to be shifting leadership/steering committee, with memberships down, future uncertain?

  • Leadership Group elections: submit proposal to extend term for leadership group to two years with 1/2 the elected seats up for renewal every year
    • staggered turnover:
      • proposal for how to stagger
        • Bronze: 3 seats (extend 2, end term 1)
        • SIlver: 3 seats (extend 1, end term 2)
        • Gold: 4 seats (extend 2, end term 2)
        • At-large: 2 seats (extend 1, end term 1)
  • Steering Group elections:
    • Does not apply to chair, chair-elect
    • Three-year terms, 1/3 roll off every year
    • Next meeting leadership meeting: in August
    • Encourage leadership to run election but to reelect current members for continuity of strong leadership

Action Items

  •  Jennifer Vinopal , Scott Prater , and Rosalyn Metz : Confirm at the quarterly Leadership Meeting that the Communications Group is working on developing a story for membership outreach.
  •  Jennifer Vinopal , Scott Prater , and Rosalyn Metz : Provide recommendations for focus at the quarterly Leadership Meeting (?)
  •  Rosalyn Metz : Reach out to Mic to find out if we can discuss the Membership Analysis report in more detail. - DEFER
  •  Rosalyn Metz : Reach out to Laurie to discuss services in more detail - DEFER