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  1. On-going
    1. Extraction from VIVO-ISF.  Linda Shapiro, University of Washington.  Ontopilot.  Do it ourselves.  Follow up with robot.
    2. Triple store update process for ontology changes. Brian Lowe, documentation
    3. Versioning.
  2. Language skills – use case, modeling, software.  See draft proposal here:
  3. Identifiers – ORCiD, other – use cases, modeling, software.  See draft proposal here:
  4. The Arts

    Duke entities (art focused) here  Summary here

    Carnegie Hall data model (music focused) on this github page: Also, more specifically take a look at this: Diagram on the data model is availbale there and many usefl links
    All the clasess being used:
    All the properties in use:

    A German information system for performing arts (the types of the works have only German labels) -

  5. ... additional items here ...