Subcommittee Brief (Revised Jan 2020)

The subcommittee is charged with ownership of the OR Code of Conduct, OR Anti-Harrassment Policy, and OR Anti-Harrassment Protocol. The subcommittee makes recommendations to the Steering Committee about changes to the Code of Conduct and about other conduct-related instruments, policies, and protocols in pursuit of an inclusive, welcoming, vibrant, and diverse Open Repositories community.

Questions the Code of Conduct subcommittee will tackle include:

  1. Should the current Code of Conduct and the Anti-Harassment policy be revised?
  2. Is the protocol for responding to conduct issues sufficiently effective, fair, and transparent?  If not, how should it evolve?
  3. Is the Code of Conduct effectively incorporated into conference planning documentation and processes? How can we improve that process?


Kathryn Cassidy

Claire Knowles (Subcommittee Chair)

Jessica Lindholm

Leila Sterman

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