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Related Software Resources

Here are some software applications that may be useful as we work on our goals, assumptions, and come up with a working plan to organize:

ActiveFedora - this project was initially funded by the Jewish Women's Archive ( @jwaonline) and carried out by MediaShelf. It provides a Ruby-on-rails interface to fedora good enough for basic admin. The original project had only one content model, however, an "oral history".

Hydra - Is intended to address the same questions as ActiveFedora: Hydra will provide a 'Lego set' of web services and templates that can be configured and reconfigured to suit a wide range of different workflows that institutions might have or might develop to manage their digital content. It is a collaboration among the Universities of Hull, Stanford and Virginia working in partnership with Fedora Commons.

Islandora - a Drupal module that connects the open source CMS, Drupal, with Fedora. The original version worked with Drupal 5 and Fedora 2. A version that works with D6/F3 is due shortly. At the Jewish Women's Archive, we see this as the next phase in tying our nascent repository to our CMS.

RODA - a project of the Portuguese National Archives to create a Digital Repository suitable for archives.

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