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Group description

This group will address the real need for a standard way to describe and store and act upon PREMIS in Fedora or DSpace object. We'll start with concepts, and then move when appropriate to implementation forks.


This first pass of the goals came out of the PREMIS birds of a feather at open repositories 2010.

Conceptual document and needs assessment


Gregory Jansen described this as "SWORD for a PREMIS event." In other words, we need to build services that talk to your PREMIS datastream, regardless of how you encode the data stream. The fact that many people end up my using the same encoding will be valuable but not necessary.

Some of the tools we can build will be completely project independent. For example, firing off an audit trail that a virus checker ran is independent of whether or not you are using Fedora, DSpace, or what have you.


Please add yourself!

  • Deborah Kaplan, Tufts University
  • Gregory Jansen, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • Ron Jantz, Rutgers University

Notes from the P&A Community Monthly Conference Calls

Use cases

Not just for institutions using PREMIS now. What needs do you forsee for PREMIS?

Working documents:


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