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At the DCAT Meeting November 2017, a recommendation was made to compile documentation resources, tutorials, and webguides.

Recommended Documentation Resources

This section contains links to resources recommended by members of DCAT.

  • DSpace 6 REST Report Tutorial
    • Video overview of metadata curation/quality control tools introduced in DSpace 6.  Includes tutorial steps that can be performed on

Documentation Wish List

This section contains a wish list of documentation that DCAT members would like to see created.  This list may be an inspiration for DCAT members to collaborate on new documentation in the future.

Video Tutorial Wish List

At the Nov 2017 DCAT meeting, the group discussed a shared goal of generating useful video tutorials for the community.  The following list will contain candidate topics for these videos.

  • Repository Administration Tasks
    • Creating metadata items through the Batch Metadata Editing Tool
    • Updating item metadata with the Batch Metadata Editing Tool
    • Importing Items and Bitstreams with the Batch Import (Zip) Tool
    • Populating a test DSpace Instance with AIP Exports
    • Populating a test DSpace Instance with the OAI Harvester
    • Creating a Custom Data Feed with the OAI Harvester
    • Query Your SOLR Statistics Repository Directly
  • Repository Configuration Tasks
    • Customizing facets for your repository
    • Customizing facets for a specific collection
    • Customizing the Item Submission Input Forms
    • Creating a Collection Specific Submission Workflow
  • Coding Tasks
    • Modifying and Building DSpace with the Overlay Folders
    • XMLUI: Creating a Custom Theme
    • XMLUI: Creating a Custom Mirage2 Theme
    • Customizing an item display page in XMLUI Mirage2

Other Documentation Wish List

This section can capture other (non video) documentation ideas.

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