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Below are are variety of surveys that have been completed by the DSpace community and others.

Vision Survey - March 2014

This survey was the basis for the 2013-2014 Vision discussions

Metadata Support Survey - November 2011

At the request of the DSpace Committers and Developers, the DSpace Community Advisory Team (DCAT) began an effort in late fall 2011 to build a community consensus on improving the metadata support in future DSpace releases. This process began with a Survey on Improving Metadata Support in DSpace to collect feedback on what improvements organizations would be the most useful to the majority of DSpace users.

Features for DSpace 1.6 Survey - April 2009

The DSpace user community completed a simple survey asking just one question: "What three features would you like to see in DSpace version 1.6?". Over a hundred responses were received, containing a vast array of useful and imaginative suggestions. The responses have now been analyzed, and the top three feature requests are: #1 Better statistics, #2 An embargo facility, #3 Batch metadata editing. The full results of the survey can be seen in a 'wordle'.

DSpace Community Networking Survey - April 2009

With the support and coordination of the DSpace Foundation, the DSpace Global Outreach Committee (DGOC) conducted a DSpace Community Networking Survey to collect information on DSpace users in order to facilitate connections between organizations and individuals using the DSpace platform. The ultimate goal of the survey is to use information to seed a dynamic database where DSpace users can search to find other users who have similar repositories, environments or interests. The work on this database is still on-going, but because the information gathered from the survey may be useful to the community now, the DGOC has posted an Excel file to the wiki.

DSpace User Group Meeting Survey - April 2008

The DSpace Foundation conducted a DSpace User Group Meeting Survey to solicit feedback from the DSpace community about both past and future DSpace User Group Meetings. Feedback gathered was used as a reference to plan subsequent meetings.

DSpace Foundation Survey - February 2008

The DSpace Foundation conducted a DSpace User Community Survey to identify what role the Foundation should play to support the community and promote the DSpace platform. The survey was sent to everyone registered on the DSpace mailing lists. Only persons actively using or evaluating the DSpace platform were allowed to take the survey. Close to twenty percent of the population surveyed responded, an exceptionally high response rate.


Census of Institutional Repositories in the United States MIRACLE Project Research Findings - February 2007

A census of Institutional Repositories in the United States was done by CLIR in 2007 and found that DSpace was the preferred Institutional Repository system software of the 446 participants in the survey.


DSpace Open Source Community Survey - October 2006

The DSpace Open Source Community Survey conducted in October 2006, surveyed 116 DSpace users. Questions largely focused on the technical environment of the users.

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