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This tool kit was developed for the DSpace Ambassador Program . It aims to provide the Ambassadors with helpful references as they assist new and potential DSpace users with their questions as well as provide guidance to the larger DSpace community. As new tools and resources become available, anyone is welcome to make additions and updates to these references.

Quick Start Guide

This Quick Start Guide assists new or potential DSpace users in how to get started. Included are the 5 miniute introduction to DSpace video, the Rapid Trial widget for DSpace from JumpBox, LEADIRS Workbook and the How To Guide.

New User Training

There are a variety of training materials that have been developed by the DSpace user community. These materials can be used as self-guided tutorials or can be adapted and used as the basis to lead training sessions. The most comprehensive is the DSpace Course. This course is suitable for DSpace administrators or developers and includes 20 different modules on various topics. Each module comes with a set of PowerPoint slides and an associated student workbook. The course was created by Stuart Lewis (DSpace committer, developer and trainer), Chris Yates (DSpace developer, support provider and trainer) from Repositories Support Project and has benefited from input by Claudia Jurgen (DSpace committer, developer and trainer).

Frequently Asked Questions - General

Answers to general questions about DSpace can be found here .

Frequently Asked Questions - Technical

For technical questions about customizing DSpace or contributing to the codebase, see the development/technical FAQs at the TechnicalFAQ Wiki . For details on features that are frequently requested in DSpace, but are not yet implemented out-of-the-box, see the Frequently+Asked+For Features Wiki.

Other Questions

If there are questions not answered in the FAQs above, the best approach is to use the search box on the site on the upper right side of the header on any page. This search will search any DSpace resource (, DSpace wiki, DSpace mailing list archive, etc). If answers are not found using the search, questions can be posted to the DSpace mailing lists or the discussion forums.

Getting Involved in the DSpace Community

DSpace is an open source software platform developed and supported by our user community, with the help and guidance of the DuraSpace. The community welcomes user interest and participation. Users can register their DSpace instance, join the community mailing lists, join the forum discussion, sign up for the DSpace Newsletter, monitor platform development work and make feature requests, contribute code or other efforts to the community. For links to these and other ways to get involved in the community, click here.

Service Providers

There are a number of companies worldwide who can provide services (design, development, installation/configuration, integration, customization, hosting, training and analysis) for implementing the DSpace platform. For the current list of DSpace Service Providers, click here.  

Other Resources

The DSpace project team is also available for any questions or requests for information. Please contact either Valorie Hollister at vhollister[DSPACE:at] or Tim Donohue at tdonohue[DSPACE:at] directly with questions.

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