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In the 2009 Open Repositories Conference, the Preservation Solution Community held a Birds-of-a-Feather session. Part of our discussion centered around what would be most useful to the community. There seemed to be a consensus that case studies would provide a mechanism for not only communicating experience on various topics but also would stimulate discussion on the listserv . We are therefore launching our first case study which deals with archival masters and related issues of preservation. We are also very interested in having the user community submit case studies. These studies do not have to be long, detailed articles - a few pages can work quite well. So, if you would like to submit a case study, please post a message on the listserv or contact a member of the core team .

  • Archival Masters - An RUcore Case Study. This case study is a summary of practices that Rutgers University Libraries has used in the treatment of archival masters to be deposited in RUcore (Rutgers Community Repository). These practices have developed over a period of years and are recognized as compromises between preservation theory and practice. As a result, the last section summarizes issues that might be valuable to others who are dealing with similar problems.
  • Other Case Studies to Follow.
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