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ISF modules description

The scope and size of the ISF ontology is large and is expected to grow over time. Therefore, we are developing a modular approach that should simplify the reuse of the ISF ontology by end-users. The general principle is that the released version of ISF will provide stand alone modules for specific use-cases.

An analogy would be how relational databases organize data into distinct tables (but with inter-table references where needed, i.e. foreign key references) but also provide use-case specific views over the same data. Also, these views usually contain redundant or denormalized data derived from the data in the tables. Our long-term goal is to follow this organizing principle where certain OWL files and directories represent the native or source data in a normalized non-overlapping fashion while still being able to provide redundant and possibly overlapping modules for specific use-cases. 

This approach is still in early development and it will be more complete for the first official release of the ISF. Table 1 describes the current status of this modular approach, which is  represented in SVN as subdirectories of the “module” directory. We will likely reorganize the files under the “module” folder during the final release to fully remove any original VIVO and ERO files and group content according to the final released modules coverage.

Table 1.  ISF beta modules (represented at sub-directories under the “module” directory)

Module folder name



This module contains entities that are used to represent clinical encounters


This module contains the entities that describes agents (people and organizations) contact information


In this module we collect research resources covered by the eagle-i ontology that have been reused in ISF


This modules defines the entities used to represent clinical expertise based on clinical encounter data


This module contains OWL instances for specific medical boards

quality/ quality-ext

This module currently holds qualities, such as experience, that will be moved from current VIVO and ERO files during the final release


This module contains OWL files for classes that link Sharecenter tags and RDF data to the ISF


In this module we collect resources covered by the VIVO ontology that have been reused in ISF


This module contains sets of terminologies used by other modules such as the ICD-9 codes used by the expertise module. See the vocabulary section below.


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