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These pages contain contributions from many members of the VIVO community. Confluence may state that a certain person has "created" a page, when in fact they have merely split or merged two existing pages. In this way, the pages may appear to be the work of a single person. Everyone who has worked on VIVO deserves recognition and thanks.

Additional Technical Documentation

In addition to documents for the current release, this section contains many additional documents relevant to installing, maintaining, and contributing changes to VIVO.  Please see the left hand menu for additional technical information regarding VIVO.


Documents for the current release (1.8)

Installing VIVO release 1.8.1

Step by step instructions to get your VIVO instance up and running. Also available as a PDF.

Upgrading VIVO to release 1.8.1

You are running an instance of VIVO release 1.7. How can you convert it to VIVO release 1.8? Also available as a PDF.
Special instructions are available for Upgrading VIVO from release 1.5 to release 1.8.1.

Changing the appearance of VIVO

How to put your own stamp on your VIVO instance. Techniques ranging from changing the theme, to changing the structure of pages, to supporting a language other than English. Also available as a PDF.


The documents below are currently in the process of being updated or created for release 1.8. 

VIVO Data Ingest Guide

How to get data into your VIVO instance. How to update and maintain your VIVO data. A survey of tools and techniques.
In progress at Ingesting and maintaining data.

Ontology Reference for VIVO 1.8

The specific structure of RDF data within VIVO. Properties, classes, and more.
The VIVO 1.8 release involved virtually no changes to the VIVO-ISF Ontology from VIVO 1.6, so please refer to its documentation.

VIVO Programmer's Notes

Insights into the internal structure of the VIVO application. Tips for developers who want to go further than mere customization.

Documentation for older releases

Technical documents for release 1.7

Technical documents for release 1.6

Installation Guides for Previous Versions

VIVO VersionRelease dateFull InstallationUpgrade


PDF (Mandarin)

1.42011-12-20 PDFhtmlPDF
1.32011-07-29 PDF PDF
1.12010-08-04 PDFhtmlPDF
1.02010-04-14 PDFtextPDF
0.92010-01-29 PDF    

Additional Guides