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This documentation relates to an old version of VIVO, version 1.11.x.
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VIVO is delivered with an "About" page, describing VIVO at your institution, and intended to provide information to your users about your VIVO site.  The About Page describes your site.  You may wish to include information about your data holdings and sources, your policies, and links to local documentation.  The support link is a link to your support.  It might be a mail link, a link to a contact form, or a link to web, wiki or other support information.

As delivered, the About page provides generic information about the project, and a place holder for your information. You will want to change this.

As delivered, the Support link is inoperative.  You will want to change this

About Page

The About Page is constructed by the VIVO application. To change it, you will need to be in "firsttime" status – that is, your VIVO database must be empty.  In "firsttime" status, the VIVO application looks to see if there is an About page to build, and builds it if necessary.  Text for the About page can be found in an RDF file.  Your will need to edit this file and restart VIVO with an empty database.

  1. Navigate to <vivo-source-dir>/home/src/main/resources/rdf/display/firsttime/
  2. Edit aboutPage.n3 This file contains properties used by the VIVO application to build the About page.  You will edit the htmlValue of about:ABOUTDG.  Replace the text following the triple quotes and up to the final triple quotes with the HTML you wish to display on your About page.  Leave the remainder of the page untouched – the file contains directives to the VIVO application so that it can build a new About Page.
  3. Rebuild VIVO
  4. Visit your About page to check it

Support Link

To provide a support link:

  1. Find the file footer.ftl for the theme you are using.  To find the footer file, go to your VIVO source directory and use the command

    find . -name '*footer*.ftl'
  2. Edit footer.ftl to provide your support link.  This file is a Freemaker template file.  Leave the remainder of the file untouched – the file contains directives to the VIVO application to display a page footer on every page produced by VIVO.
  3. Rebuild VIVO
  4. Test your link
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