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This documentation relates to an old version of VIVO, version 1.10.x. Looking for another version? See all documentation.

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  1. Teaching is represented as a time limited role associating a person with a course.
  2. The course may have optional concepts indicating subject area(s).  See Concept Model for details.
  3. The role typically has a DateTimeInterval.  See DateTimeValue and DateTimeInterval Models for details.
  4. The Role may have a label such as "Instructor" or "Team Lead" or other to further indicate the nature of the instructor's role.
  5. The instructor is a person.  See Person Model for details.
  6. Any number of instructors may each have a role in a course.  Each has their own role.


Ontology Diagram Legend
Dark blue – the entity being modeled

Light blue – entities dependent on the entity being modeled. These will typically be created along with the entity being modeled, and should be removed if the entity being modeled is removed.

Green  – independent entities. These typically pre-exist in your VIVO when adding the entity being modeled. These should not be removed if the entity being modeled is removed.

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