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This documentation relates to an old version of VIVO, version 1.10.x. Looking for another version? See all documentation.

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  1. The label on the AdvisingRelationship is optional.  VIVO constructs a label consisting of the Advisors label, the Advisee's label, some text representing the type of relationship
  2. The AdvisingRelationship can optionally have one of the types below:
  3. The AdviseeRole relates the AdvisingRelationship to the Advisee.  This pattern is common for modeling roles and relationships.
  4. The AcademicDegree is optional.  It may be present for AdvisingRelationships leading to a degree.
  5. The AdvisorRole relates the AdvisingRelationship to the Advisor.  It uses the same pattern as the AdviseeRole.
  6. The AdvisingRelationship may have an associated DateTimeInterval. See DateTimeValue and DateTimeInterval Models for details regarding modeling DateTimeIntervals.

Ontology Diagram Legend
Dark blue – the entity being modeled

Light blue – entities dependent on the entity being modeled. These will typically be created along with the entity being modeled, and should be removed if the entity being modeled is removed.

Green  – independent entities. These typically pre-exist in your VIVO when adding the entity being modeled. These should not be removed if the entity being modeled is removed.

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