Cornell University received an ORCID Adoption and Integration grant in October, 2013 for integration of ORCID iD creation and confirmation into the VIVO open source researcher profiling system, first at Cornell and then in VIVO source code available to other VIVO users. The ORCID iD has been included as an identifier in the VIVO ontology since VIVO 1.0, and version 1.7 of VIVO will support creation and confirmation of ORCID iDs within the VIVO application itself.

A poster on this work was presented at the May, 2014 ORCID Outreach Meeting in Chicago.

With the forthcoming release of VIVO 1.7, full documentation will be available via links on this page. The workflow supported in the VIVO application is as follows:


Note that institutions wishing to incorporate ORCID iD creation and confirmation in VIVO will need to register with the ORCID api.

Documentation on integrating ORCID functionality into VIVO is included in the VIVO 1.7 Installation Instructions and the supplemental page on Activating the ORCID integration.

Note also that Cornell has implemented an alternative (simple) platform for creation of ORCID iDs for researchers who do not hold university titles that trigger the creation of VIVO profiles from human resources data feeds, including graduate students and postdoctoral associates. The workflow is much the same as above:

The VIVO project on GitHub ( incorporates ORCID integration changes on the current develop branch.

The repository is the source code for the ORCID API client library. It is used in both the VIVO integration and in It controls the interaction with OAuth and the ORCID API.

The repository is the source code for the site. Like the VIVO integration, it treats the ORCID API client library as a 3rd-party package.



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