VIVO v1.6.3 Release Notes

What is this document?

The VIVO 1.6.3 Release contains no new features - only a fix for a performance problem. This performance problem affects VIVO installations that permit users to edit their lists of publications.

Sites that are using VIVO 1.6, 1.6.1, or 1.6.2 are urged to upgrade to VIVO 1.6.3, if they are not ready to upgrade to VIVO 1.7

Significant bugs

VIVO-815 Attempts to use the editing interface to add People to Publications results in performance problems. This was isolated to a SPARQL query whose complexity increases geometrically as the size of the knowledge base increases. The SPARQL query was modified to improve performance.

More details

These issues are explained in greater detail in JIRA, our issue-tracking system. To see an issue in JIRA, go to and search for the issue key. The key is in the form "VIVO-999".

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