VIVO v1.6.1 Release Notes

What is this document?

The VIVO 1.6.1 Release contains no new features - only bug fixes. This document is intended to provide a brief summary of those bugs, with links to more detailed information, so site maintainers can decide whether to upgrade from VIVO 1.6

Significant bugs

VIVO-692 Linked Open Data responses did not include many of the new properties from the ISF ontology.

Historically, the list of properties included in Linked Open Data was the same as the list of properties displayed on the profile page. With the ISF ontology, this was no longer practical, since the profile pages hide many of the raw properties and display them instead as "faux properties".

This resulted in Linked Open Data responses that omitted significant information.

The mechanism was changed. Each property now may have separate annotations:

  • to restrict the display of the property on profile pages
  • to restrict the inclusion of the property in Linked Open Data responses.

VIVO-711, VIVO-727 Errors occur when migrating data from VIVO 1.5 to VIVO 1.6.

In VIVO 1.5 and earlier, the ORCID ID was stored as a data property, whose value was intended to be the 16 digits of the ID (plus 3 hyphens). In VIVO 1.6 the ORCID ID is stored as a data property, whose value is the full URI, ending in the 16 digits.

The data migration code has been changed to check for IDs that were stored in an invalid format. Sometimes, the IDs were entered manually using cut-and-paste techniques. The presence of invalid characters in a URI caused an assortment of problems.

Also, there were errors in the migration of VCard data, causing some information to be lost in the migration.

Minor bugs

  • VIVO-648 Fix an error in the build script - shows up when building VIVO for containers other than Tomcat.
  • VIVO-653 Fix a bug in the display of "faux properties" in the profile pages.
  • VIVO-662 Improve the handling and editing of inconsistent data on the "Manage Authors" page.
  • VIVO-672 Fix the ordering of classes on the browse pages.
  • VIVO-682 Properties with a display level of "self-editor" were not being displayed to self-editors.
  • VIVO-705 Editing the list of ontologies could lead to errors in displaying the list.
  • VIVO-706 Minor fix in the list of object properties.
  • VIVO-732 The SPARQL query page no longer worked for DESCRIBE queries.

More details

These issues are explained in greater detail in JIRA, our issue-tracking system. To see an issue in JIRA, go to and search for the issue key. The key is in the form "VIVO-999".

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