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As of: 2020-02-27

VIVO strives to evolve in-pace with the dependencies and technologies on which it is built. Recognizing the technical trajectory of the Jena triple store projects (SDB, TDB, TDB2), as well as a general community interest in the opportunity to use any, institution-appropriate triple store (Jena-based or otherwise), a recent “special topics” meeting was held to discuss the current state of the Jena triple stores with the goal of coming to a recommendation for VIVO’s default triple store installation.
2019-12-06 - Special Topic - TDB vs SDB

This call resulted in a feature table comparing Jena’s TDB and SDB, and a rich conversation with the Apache Jena project chair, Andy Seaborne, regarding Jena’s usage profiles and technical direction.

Based on the special topic and subsequent discussions, we would like to put forward the following proposal :

  1. Short-term goal of VIVO continuing to support native connections to both SDB and TDB, with the default configuration changing to TDB in VIVO 1.12
  2. Long-term goal of removing VIVO’s support for connecting to specific triple stores via their native APIs and instead focusing future development effort on improving VIVO's existing ability to connect to any standalone triple store that is compliant with SPARQL 1.1 Update/Query. This would also include the ability to configure the SPARQL requests that VIVO makes in order to accommodate the idiosyncrasies of different triple stores
  3. VIVO will continue to deliver a complete open stack with both optional and replaceable components to support the broad VIVO community

As a VIVO community, our first priority is to ensure that any technical choices for the application allow current VIVO installations to move forward with on-going VIVO software releases. That being the case, your input on the above proposal is vital.

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