Release 1, version 1.1.1

The VIVO project is pleased to announce the third public release of the VIVO software under the "VIVO: Enabling National Networking of Scientists" project (NIH U24 RR029822). This release is a minor version upgrade addressing functionality largely already existing as of the July, 2010 1.1 release.

Changes include improved automatic scaling of visualizations, expanded pre-populated selection lists for items such as academic degrees, modifications to photo upload, improvements to default sorting, and minor defect corrections from the 1.1 version.

In addition, a number of performance improvements have been introduced based on testing of the 1.1 release on large databases at Cornell and Florida.

The version 1.1 ontology remains almost completely unchanged and no data migration will be necessary for upgrading from version 1.1. Installations upgrading from version 1.0 will follow the same data upgrade migration as for version 1.1.

Note that the new VIVO Harvester application is distributed and documented on the SourceForge site (, where downloads of the VIVO application itself are also made available.

VIVO is publicly available as an open-source project under the BSD Software License ( and available on SourceForge at; the VIVO 1.1.1 ontology is also publicly available at also serves as the public home for information about the project, educational and support materials, contact information, and direct software downloads.

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