Announcing VIVO Release 1.5.1

October 15, 2012


Release 1.5.1 is available for download from SourceForge.

VIVO as a zip file and as a tar.gz file

Vitro as a zip file and as a tar.gz file


VIVO 1.5.1 is primarily a maintenance release. The major emphasis was on tuning the RDF datastore for improved performance. Several bug fixes are included also, and some new capabilities.

Here is a list of the most significant changes:

Improvements in Efficiency

  • Several improvements were made to the base implementation of the new RDF Service module.
  • The code for ingesting RDF statements and for retracting RDF statements was improved to make it more scalable.
  • Short views of Individuals were made more efficient by creating specialized query methods.

    Page Management

  • Added an option to make it easier to use custom templates in pages.
  • Fixed bugs in the Page editing screens.
  • Menu pages can now be sorted by the display rank of included classes, as well as by alphabetical order.

    OpenSocial gadgets

  • Fixed the display of the “sandbox” for experimenting with OpenSocial gadgets.
  • Improved the data structure of the gadget configuration tables.


  • Fixed a bug that would throw an exception when migrating to release 1.5 of VIVO from an older version.
  • Fixed a problem of displaying special characters in the class hierarchy or the property hierarchy.
  • Minor improvements in back-end editing
  • Fix a problem with search queries that contain “stop words”.


  • This release includes no changes to the VIVO ontology that affect the application or require data migration.


This release represents the work of the entire VIVO team and contributions from the larger VIVO open source community, including feedback from adopting sites within and beyond the VIVO project, feedback from outreach efforts in the biomedical and library communities, ontology improvements and collaborations, and multiple forms of user and application testing.

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