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Dale, Chris Barnes, and Narayan Raum were late to this meeting due to shotgun meeting location changes.


  • Stephen Williams
  • Nicholas Skaggs
  • Chris Haines
  • Chris Case
  • Narayan Raum
  • Christopher Barnes
  • Dale Scheppler


Agenda? Who sent out an agenda? I think STEVE was supposed to send out an agenda.

Discussing Assignments

Dale is going to be working on harvesting from the DSR, Chris Haines is going to be working to be working on harvesting from peoplesoft.

Chris Case is going to work on getting the password reset for the account that has access to the data we need from the DSR. In the meantime Dale is going to get with Matthew Tedder and see what level of access he has. Chris Case is going to contact Chris Barnes, Dale, and Stephen know by the end of the day if there are any blocking issues on getting the password changed.

Christopher Barnes wants us harvesting grants data by end of day tomorrow (Friday, September 10, 2010).

Access to VIVO

Discussing moving things from JIRA to Sourceforge and access limitations in VIVO based on Shibboleth authentication.
Once people data is in, next step is SSO access and testing for VIVO. After it works it'll get moved to hippo. Hippo will be the staging server for testing SSO for VIVO and ensuring howto information is accurate and up to date. Once testing on hippo is complete we'll roll out to staging.

Information Distribution

How are we going to get this information out. Siraj can do it, and we can also post it on the wiki, though the  instructions category need better exposure. Chris Barnes would like to get Siraj and Sarah to post these things on the wiki, and mentioned we need more general and more specific documentation, a "why" and a "how".

Vivoweb and Sourceforge

The documentation team and Siraj are good places for the connection between VIVOWeb and Sourceforge. Currently if a link is broken on VIVOWeb it doesn't correctly change the link on the other end. We need to name some files things like "VIVO-Harvester-Current" so the link never breaks. The best idea we have right now is that if you click on the "Download" link on it sends you to the download page on SourceForge. It is not CTRIP's responsibility to keep these up to date, that falls on the documentation team. From here on out we will have a "Current" link on SourceForge.

Project Philosophy

If someone wants to work on something, from making ZIP versions of the virtual appliances, to maintaining a piece of code, or anything else, if they want to do it we should allow them to do it. If something can find a maintainer we should allow them to do it.

Virtual Appliance

The documentation for the virtual appliance needs to be put on the Wiki and needs updated, specifically in regards to SSH. A batch script and shell script that does that would be helpful, as well as installing SSH on the virtual appliances.