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  • Stephen Williams
  • Dale Scheppler
  • Chris Haines
  • Nicholas Skaggs
  • Chris Barnes (Absent)
  • Narayan Raum (Late)


  • Milestone 5 Release
  • Wiki Usage
  • Milestone 6,7,8
    • Timeline
    • Dr. Conlon's notes
  • UF DSR

Milestone 5 Release

Stephen and Chris Haines spent the first portion of the meeting discussing a bug in
Dale and Narayan spent a few minutes talking about the changes to the wiki on SourceForge and the data provider validator for OAI repositories.
Nicholas was mostly silent, plotting world domination.

It was discussed that the pagerank for the VIVO SourceForge site is extremely low and this might be added to milestone 6.

Narayan provided logins for Dale, Nick, Chris Haines, and Nicholas on the UF VIVO test server.

With the recreation of the VIVO test server, Dale will need to recreate the local maven repository. bug fixed. Was searching for something to qualify that did not exist.

Milestone 5 Release will be done shortly after the meeting

Wiki usage

Dale spent 5 minutes explaining category tags and templates.

Milestone 6,7,8

Discussion moved to tomorrow.


Alex and Chris will be coming to the meeting at 9AM tomorrow to discuss access to the UF DSR database.