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Meeting running a bit late due to the conference room being in use by someone else


  • Dale Scheppler
  • Stephen Williams
  • Narayan Raum
  • Chris Barnes
  • Chris Haines (Absent)
  • Nicholas Skaggs (Absent)


World of Warcraft healing specifications resto druid vs. resto shaman vs. holy priest vs. disc priest vs. holy paladin.

Or not.

DSR Data

Dale will be working on harvesting from the UF DSR Today.

Working on connecting to the UF DSR now.

Connection information not working, contacting Chris Case for the password information.

XSL Translates

Dale, Chris, and Narayan will be looking at the article for PubMed to VIVO XSL Information to generate an XSL file to do translation from RDF to the VIVO ontology

Using Xpath to navigate the nodes of the XML. This node's attribute goes to here.


VIVOTest is missing mod_proxy but otherwise appears to be working.