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In Scope Features

The following features are in the scope of this pilot:

  • Creating a Neo4j graph from the Pilot Organisation's repository data.

  • Augmenting the Neo4j graph with data from international repositories such as ORCID, DataCite, Crossref, Australian National Data Service, and funders’ records (ARC, NHMRC, NIH).

  • Transform the augmented Neo4j to a cloud-hosted installation of VIVO. For an example of the features included in this product, please visit

The VIVO web presence will be altered to include the Pilot Organization’s logo, organization name, and main two brand colours. The size of the final graph will be limited to 5,000,000 triples for the purposes of this Cloud Pilot.

Out of Scope Features

The following features are out of scope for the cloud pilot of the Research Graph VIVO and will not be available during or after the pilot phase of the service:

  • Remediation, cleaning, and/or updates to data. We acknowledge that all sufficiently complex metadata has errors. VIVO will show these errors. The purpose of this project is not to clean data.

  • Pushing information to Research Graph using the VIVO platform. The main purpose of this cloud-based VIVO service is to explore, visualise, and discover research information. All edits, revisions and improvements of research records should be accomplished at the participating research management systems or repositories.

  • Preservation or backup of your content during the pilot is not guaranteed; content added must not be unique copies.

Pilot Completion and Production Service Expectations

At completion of the Cloud Pilot, the project partners may or may not offer a production Research Graph VIVO cloud service. The pilot organization is under no obligation to purchase any services. When the Cloud Pilot is completed, the pilot organization will have no expectation of retaining the service or data generated/ supplemented through the pilot.

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