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Testing Plan

In the course of testing, please review the VIVO 1.12.x Documentation.

Until version 1.12.0 reaches final release status, it will not be available from a Maven repository.  To test the release candidate, you will need a local copy of the source code for four projects: Vitro-languages, VIVO-languages, Vitro, and VIVO.  The instructions below show how to obtain the proper source code either using git or by direct download.

Step 1: Obtain the source code

Option 1: clone the release candidate from GitHub

Clone the rel-1.12.0-RC branch of the four required GitHub projects into parallel directories.  Then build Vitro-languages and VIVO-languages.

git clone --single-branch --branch rel-1.12.0-RC
git clone --single-branch --branch rel-1.12.0-RC
git clone --single-branch --branch rel-1.12.0-RC
git clone --single-branch --branch rel-1.12.0-RC 

Option 2: direct download

Download the four rel-1.12.0-RC source code bundles (not "installer" files) and unzip/untar them into parallel directories:

Step 2: Build Vitro-languages and VIVO-languages

cd Vitro-languages
mvn install
cd ../VIVO-languages
mvn install

Then proceed with the rest of the VIVO installation from the Installing VIVO#PreparingtheInstallationSettings.1 step. If you are testing a clean installation, be sure to supply an empty vivo-dir in your settings.xml file.  If you are testing an upgrade, make a copy of your existing VIVO 1.11 vivo-dir directory and supply the location of that copy as the value of vivo-dir in your settings.xml file.

Step 3: Performing the Tests and Submitting Results

Please follow the test items and submit your results using the Google forms below.  Any parts of any of the forms that you are able to complete will be most welcome.  To see what items still need testing, you can use the reponse summary links to check for questions that do not yet have responses.

1. Internationalization Tests (response summary) : these tests exercise new functionality in version 1.12.0.

2. Standard UI Tests (response summary) : these tests exercise standard functionality in the VIVO user interface.

3. Advanced Tests (response summary) : these tests are intended for software developers.

Questions and Assistance

If you run into any problems in setting up for or performing the tests, please let us know on the "develop" channel of the VIVO Slack workspace.  Sign up here:

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