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Calls are held every Thursday at 1 pm eastern time – convert to your time at




  • Ontology Working Group: next call is Thursday, June 12 at noon EDT

    • Today’s call included a demo from LASP, and hope to be involved in a subgroup for data sets

    • Agenda to be determined -- look for an announcement or review the last call notes at

  • Apps & Tools Working Group: next call is Tuesday, June 10 at 1pm EDT

    • Agenda to be determined

  • VIVO Bootcamp at ELAG 2014 (June 10 at University of Bath, United Kingdom)

    • Violeta Ilik from Texas A&M (workshop co-organizer) and Ted Lawless from Brown will be attending -- final planning call next week.

  • VIVO Conference: August 6-8 Austin, TX

    • Registration is open – early bird rate through June 20 and lodging discount at venue (Hyatt Regency) through July 3 is based on availability

    • Submission responses went out today, and organizers hope to have the full schedule available by the end of next week

Working Group Activities 

Site Updates

  • Brown (Steve)

    • No major updates on production site, some slowdown in activity with summer break

    • Currently focused on ORCID integration to register most CU-Boulder faculty. Sent out a batch email to faculty about ORCID plan, and had no notable negative feedback (~1 opt out)

    • Hoping to add awards data to VIVO CU-Boulder, and a 1.6 upgrade planned for late summer

    • Paul: question about feedback from faculty on ORCID interop. Don replied that the current focus is on minting ORCID iDs for use internally, and not bi-directional data feeds.

    • Simeon Warner demoed VIVO/ORCID integration at last week’s ORCID call -- code that will be distributed in VIVO 1.7

    • Cornell VIVO has been on VIVO 1.6 for two weeks -- quick demo of updated site on call: major UI change for public users is geo map, found and fixed memory leak, VIVO conversion shrine as a best practice (pics needed ;)

    • Auto-restart script when VIVO becomes unresponsive -- was helpful that this was in place during memory leak issue. Alex: could this be shared? Brian thinks so.

    • Getting non-faculty imported into Scholars@Duke -- about ready to go out. Could be students, affiliates, or staff -- anyone in the Duke LDAP directory is a candidate. Custom UI that supports opt-in  pulls from LDAP

    • Working on a tool to replace one piece of faculty reporting for Duke schools -- as an open source project on GitHub (Clojurescript with Facebook’s React.js): - basically like a simple CV builder

  • DuraSpace

  • Florida

    • Alexandre will not be able to attend. "No significative change in our side."

  • IFPRI -- International Food Policy Research Institute
  • Memorial University (Max)
    • Waiting for some UI graphics design for the frontend Drupal integration as we will have a beta release in June.

    • working on new ontology structure to integrate with Yaffle, and will submit a finalized version to the Ontology group this week.

    • Collecting map data to build a visual module.

  • Smithsonian (Alvin)
    • No significant update. Have been testing/working with the API in 1.6.x some successes but mostly failures--need to investigate. Lots of administrative work--identifying data sources, candidates for import, privacy issues, IT departmental requirements, etc. Looking forward to 1.6.2 since we have performance issues and I assume they are related to the memory leak that Jim B. mentioned.

    • Asked if Cornell’s restart script will be relevant after memory leak patch is available with 1.6.2/1.7

  • Stony Brook

  • Symplectic (Alex)

  • RPI/Deep Carbon Observatory

  • Texas A&M

  • UCLA (David and Vivek)
    • Vivek: trying to implement a profile management system at UCLA (internal/private and external/public profiles) -- would like internal changes to be reflected in public VIVO profiles (adds/updates/deletes). Trying to use SPARQL update queries and have this happen in real-time. Brian: this seems like the right approach, using SPARQL updates (the API). Vivek: Query runs always indicates accepted “success” (200 code) -- but if they check in the VIVO, and not seeing the change. Overview deletions working, but email delete not working.

  • Virginia Tech (Julie and Keith)

    • Implementing Symplectic Elements with basic faculty elements. VIVO is somewhat on hold.

    • Testing Elements with faculty to see what kinds of info they want displayed in their profiles

  • Weill Cornell (Paul)

    • Attended conference in D.C., organized by Katy Borner, “Linking International Academic Databases to Find Collaborators and Emerging Trends”

    • Looking to set up a Vagrant instance for testing/dev purposes

    • Eliza working on updating Harvester for 1.6

    • Our VIVO is a lot healthier these days. Look Ma, no downtime.



Notable List Traffic

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See the vivo-dev-all archive and vivo-imp-issues archive for complete email threads

Call-in Information

  • Date: Every Thursday, no end date
  • Time: 1:00 pm, Eastern Daylight Time (New York, GMT-04:00)
  • Meeting Number: 641 825 891

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