Each year, we survey the VIVO sites regarding their implementations.  The results of the survey are available at the conference, presented as a poster or short talk.  Survey results help the community identify opportunities for the VIVO roadmap, and provide basic metrics regarding community size and vitality.

2018 Survey

The VIVO action planning Governance and Structure group conducted a survey of the community in 2018.  They will report their findings in 2019.

2017 Survey – Oops

We didn't have a 2017 survey.

Perhaps this means we only survey every two years (see 2015).  

2016 Survey

The survey was conducted with Google Forms and can be found here:  https://goo.gl/rkr964 With 36 respondents, the 2016 survey was the largest survey yet.  Simplifying the survey and designing for three groups "conceiving", "implementing" "in  production" with questions for each, appears to have helped.

The survey results were presented in a poster at the 2016 VIVO Conference.  The poster is available here: http://openvivo.org/display/doi10.6084/m9.figshare.3596883

If you have ideas for the 2017 survey, please contact Mike Conlon or Paul Albert.


2015 Survey – Oops

We didn't have a 2015 Survey.

In the past, the survey was very detailed and quite technical.  This limited responses.  In 2016, we expect to have a much shorter survey, generating additional responses, and providing additional input to the formation of strategy and roadmap.

2014 Survey

The survey form is here.

Results from the 2014 survey are listed here:

Other Surveys

Other surveys related to the VIVO-ISF data standard, research networking technologies, or social networking for academics/researcher are listed here: