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Monday March 15, 2021, 10 AM US Eastern Time

Connection Info

See #ontology in vivo-slack for link.  To join vivo-slack, go to 


Ontology Interest Group Google Folder

Google Doc for meeting notes:

VIVO Ontologies on Github:  https://github/vivo-ontolgy 

OBO Slack



  1. Work in Progress
    1. AEON -
    2. LANG –
    3. ORG –
    4. ADO -
    5. IDO –
  2. Workshop?
  3. Surveys?
  4. Documentation
  5. Locations
  6. Next meeting: April 19


  1. Work in progress. No updates (see below for updates regarding documentation options for ontologies).
  2. Workshop for teaching?  Would it be possible to have a workshop on line or at the conference regarding the representation of teaching and learning.  It’s a big topic.
  3. Survey for resource types?
    1. Could we survey the community about their needs and interests in resource types?
    2. DataCite recently updated its metadata schema More resource types added, more resource types will be added.
  4. Documentation.  Mike showed ReadTheDocs being used for documenting the Organization Ontology.  Uses a simple Markup language, RestructuredText, developed by the python community, but now used by millions of developers.  Addresses the following shortcomings of Confluence:  Github based version control, all done with markup language, automated production of pages possible, supports footnotes, sidebars, citations.  Search is focused on the documentation, not global across a large wiki as in Confluence.  Brian shared for ontology documentation, which automates the production of pages from OWL files.
  5. The group discussed the need to represent locations in the VIVO ontologies -- as in “this event was held in Paris” or “The University of Florida is in Gainesville.”  What is a location in BFO?  In GAZ?  How do we represent latitude/longitude?
    1. Mike is on the ROR curation group. He can ask about plans for location data.
    2. Wikidata has lat/long data.  Associating an entity with a Qnumber would allow harvesting. is the Wikidata entry for the University of Florida, a well-curated record.