Thursday, June 25, 2020, 10 AM US Eastern Time

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Ontology Interest Group Google Folder

Google Doc for meeting notes:


  • Brian Lowe
  • Mike Conlon
  • Philip Strömert
  • Violeta Ilik
  • Mathias Brochhausen
  • Anna Kasprzik
  • Christian Hauschke
  • Ralph O’Flinn


  1. Updates
    1. ZDB presentation
  2. Work in progress
    1. ADO
    2. ORG
    3. LANG
  3. AEON
    1. Github:
    2. Slides of the AEON presentation at the VIVO conference:
  4. Next Meeting, two weeks, July 9.


  • Updates
    • ZDB presentation
  • Work in progress
  • AEON
    • Github:
      • How will we coordinate the cooperation in the GitHub repo
        • Probably needs a separate meeting
          • Need to check the TIB policy on that
    • Slides of the AEON presentation at the VIVO conference:
    • Content Questions:
      • In how far do we need to incorporate the research output, wil DOI (PID) be enough?
      • How fine grained should the object properties (predicates) be?
      • How to model blockchain certificates for attendees?
    • Confident will focus on AEON.  SEO has several inconsistencies.  AEON has advantages with the VIVO community and ability to create a consistent ontology.  SEO is currently more comprehensive. 
    • Discussion (Mathias): if a role ceases to exist if it is not fulfilled then this indicates that this should not be modeled as a role.  One sign that something is not a role is if it MUST be fulfilled.  Such things are not roles.  Roles are “realizable” optionally.  One would have roles that are never used
    • Attendee role:
      • must be realized as an actual activity in a part of the event.  So perhaps this is not a role.
      • Is supposed to attend the event
      • To count those attendees, we might have Person -> participates in -> Attendee Act -> part of -> Event
      • Being the bearer is not enough.  Must be realized to “prove” attendee.  Attendee role qualifies one to receive materials and attend.  Sounds like Potential Attendee, or Registrant.
    • Mathias can be reached by email
  • Next meeting, two weeks, July 9.  Mike will present ADO

Action Items

  • Mike will reach out to Andrew to set up a meeting regarding development practices
  • Mike will prepare ADO ahead of time so that people can review.
  • Philip will continue work on AEON
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