Thursday, March 19, 2020, 10 AM US Eastern Time

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  1. Updates
    1. US2TS report
    2. Pidapalooza report
    3. Mathias Brochhausen
    4. Other?
  2. Next virtual workshop
    1. May?  Teaching?
  3. EuroCRIS Technical Committee
  4. Language Ontology draft domain definition
  5. A draft VIVO ontology to work from? A draft ORG ontology?
    1. ORG is relatively straightforward given previous work on OpenVIVO, Early Thoughts document, and  ROR/GRID data.  Would need to work out subsumption, dispositions (most orgs have dispositions rather than functions or types), and addresses/locations.
    2. Having a draft VIVO ontology provides a place to test ideas/structures
    3. What artifacts besides the ontologies themselves are needed?  Training aids?  Conversion aids?  RMLMapper maps?  SHACL constraints?
  6. Other


  1. US2TS – half the attendees.  Met James Overton (robot).  ODK requires docker.  
    1. SHACL a hot topic
    2. RDF, SPARQL, SHACL – W3C authors
    3. Corporate representation.  Uber – Dragon, schema resolution
  2. Pidapalooza next time
  3. Knowledge Graph is going virtual.  Will be inexpensive.  All 20 minute talks.  Nothing invited.  Many proposals, possibly two tracks.  Many product proposals.
  4. Mathias Brochhausen Monday.  Document Acts.  Possible representation for degrees, credentials, author.
  5. Teaching model. Two entities?
    1. The information artifact?  The thing in the 
    2. The performance
  6. EuroCRIS.  Christian and Mike on the candidates list.  Applications open until May 31.  With Anna will be on the committee.  Work will start later this year (second quarter). Three years term.
  7. Language Ontology domain definition open for comments to VIVO ontology.  Then in two weeks open for comments.  Then to the community in two weeks.  Then incorporate their comments in two weeks.
  8. Melanie Wacker at Columbia may join the group.
  9. ORG is easy. And follows on the Language ontology ideas – standard data, small domain ontology.
  10. VIVO needs a top level to start fitting things together.  Several issues to get going
    1. Work to resolve FRBR – will we have sign posts/comments to indicate where we are in the FRBR world?
    2. Roles – need to reconcile several lists of roles to generate a super list
    3. Works – same as roles – resolve several lists of types of works.
      1. "Types" may not be types – a Book is not a Journal, but many other designations may not actually be types.  Work to be done on this.
  11. After discussion, we'll move forward with building an ORG ontology while discussing other issues related to developing scaffolding for VIVO.

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